5 Tips To Prevent Household Leaks

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prevent household leaks

Minor plumbing leaks can turn into major expenses if they’re not fixed. Here are five tips on how to prevent household leaks from damaging to your home.

1. Prevent Freezing Pipes

Fluctuating temperatures can damage your plumbing pipes by causing the water inside pipes to freeze. Since water expands when frozen, it could make a pipe crack or burst. The aftermath of a burst pipe is costly. Winter plumbing leaks can be easily prevented by covering exposed pipes with foam pipe insulation.

2. Check Your Washing Machine to Prevent Household Leaks

Your washing machine hoses can only be counted on to last about five years due to the corrosive nature of water. The frequent exposure to both cold and hot water causes wear and tear over time. If these hoses are not checked and replaced regularly, they could leak. Check your washing machine hoses for cracks and weak points, and replace them when they are deteriorating, or at least every five years.

3. Check Your Dishwasher and Refrigerator

The plumbing lines for these two appliances are not easily accessible, so they often go unchecked. Some common signs of leakage from your appliances are a moldy odor and discoloration under the appliance.

To prevent household leaks from your dishwasher or fridge, set an annual cleaning schedule. Pull the appliance out from the wall and check the lines for any leaks while cleaning the area. Because these hidden areas are harder to check, minor leaks may go undetected for a long time and cause water damage and mold.

4. Sewer Drain Pipes

Some of the most serious types of leaks are caused by a clog in your sewer drain pipe. One way to help prevent household leaks due to a faulty sewer drain is to have a backflow valve installed by a professional plumber. Another easy prevention strategy is to never pour grease of any kind down the drains.

5. Preventing Household Leaks in the Toilet

While you may not have a sewage drain problem, your toilet could still leak. A common location for plumbing leaks is in the supply line. As with your kitchen appliances, make a habit of checking the toilet supply lines yearly for any signs of wear and tear that could cause leaking. If you see any leaking in the supply line, it’s time to take action to prevent any damage.

Water damage can be hard to detect before it becomes costly to fix. Yearly inspections of appliances and simple preventive steps will minimize the risk of a household leak.

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