Important Home Maintenance Services Every Homeowner Should Schedule

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home maintenance services include checking the roof

As a homeowner, you want to keep your house comfortable and attractive. There are some home maintenance services that should be scheduled regularly to care for your property and avoid costly repairs. Staying on top of a maintenance routine prevents problems later.

Roof Inspection

Check your roof at least twice a year. This is a recommendation from the National Roofing Contractors Association. Look for broken or missing shingles, cracked or rusted flashings, moss, and tree branches and debris. Regular examinations will catch problems before they cause major damage. Loose or missing shingles let rainwater seep into the roof and attic, leading to mold growth and structural damage. Heavy storms can cause leaking and damage to wood and drywall.

Annual HVAC Inspection

HVAC inspections are important to the health of your system. Every homeowner should have their heating and cooling system inspected at the beginning of spring and again in the fall. The technician will change your furnace filters, vacuum and clean your system, tighten bolts, and inspect the system for normal wear and tear.

Chimney Cleaning is One of the Most Important Home Maintenance Services

Having a professional chimney sweep clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney helps to prevent fires. Creosote is the residue that is left behind when you burn wood. It’s highly flammable and can ignite, causing a fire in your chimney. This is dangerous because chimney fires can cause overhanging tree branches to ignite or the flames can spread into the house.

To Help Maintain Your Home, Check for Termites

A termite infestation can cause significant damage to your home. These pests eat the cellulose of any wooden components. The damage they cause can become costly, especially when they destroy structural supports of the home. A yearly inspection will alert you to termites before their colony gets out of hand.

Necessary Home Maintenance Services Include Pumping the Septic Tank

Cleaning out the septic tank is essential for maintaining your plumbing system. If your home has a septic system, the tank needs to be pumped every 3 to 5 years on average.

Backup from a septic tank is not only unpleasant, but is a health hazard. The technician will inspect the tank to see that it is in good working order and empty it with a vacuum hose. Keep this task on your routine maintenance list to avoid any problems with overflowing sewage.

A home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Protect your investment by taking proper care of it and scheduling routine maintenance so everything works smoothly.

The Best Property Inspections LLC offers annual maintenance inspections to find any defects or failing components of your property. Contact us to schedule our services.

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