Do you have a backyard swimming pool and are wanting to update the area? There are ways to upgrade your pool that don’t cost a fortune. This article goes over some affordable pool improvements that are well worth completing.

Upgrade Your Pool with Underwater Seats

Underwater seats in the shallow end of the pool turn the pool’s edge into a swim-up table. You can’t put regular stools in the pool because they will float and the pool chemicals will wear down the finish. Purchase heavy seats that are specifically built for swimming pools.

Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is a small investment that will preserve your pool’s heat and water. You can save up to 75% of the heat and water by covering your pool with a solar pool cover, compared to an uncovered pool. The cover also helps your pool’s heater run more efficiently. The cover only costs a couple of hundred dollars at most, so it will easily pay for itself in savings.

Add LED Lights to Upgrade Your Pool

Underwater lights make your pool safer and more festive. Add some LED lights to the walls of your pool to give it an appealing glow at night. You can find lights with multiple color options and different pre-programmed settings to change things up often.

Patio Furniture

Enjoy your pool area even when you are not swimming by adding comfortable furniture to the patio around your pool. Chairs with waterproof cushions and an outdoor dining set with an umbrella will make your pool area a great place to hang out, even when it’s not swimming weather.

Saltwater Chlorine Generator

With one of these devices, you can have a saltwater pool in your backyard. Many people prefer swimming in saltwater because it has beneficial health properties for the skin and muscles. This type of pool is still sanitary because it uses dissolved salt to function as chlorine.

A saltwater chlorine generator also automates the balancing process so you won’t have to manually add chlorine to your pool. You’ll enjoy having less pool maintenance responsibilities and will have pool water that leaves your skin feeling soft.

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