Spring Cleaning Tips: Don’t Forget These 6 Areas

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spring cleaning tips

During spring cleaning, there are some common areas that are often overlooked. Leave nothing untouched by following these spring cleaning tips.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Forgotten Areas

Air Vents

Before you start running your AC, change the HVAC filter and dust off the air vents. Use your vacuum cleaner nozzle or brush attachments over the outside of the vent first. Next, remove the cover of the air duct. Using microfiber cloths, dust the grate, then rinse both sides. Let the cover dry completely before replacing it.


While we remember to wash our sheets, pillowcases, and duvets or bedspreads, how often do we remember to clean and rotate our mattresses? Use your vacuum cleaner nozzle to remove any dust from your mattress. Baking soda works well to deodorize the mattress. Just sprinkle it on, let sit for an hour or so, then vacuum it up.

Another option is to purchase a removable mattress protector that you can throw in your washing machine. It is recommended to flip and rotate all coil and foam mattresses regularly so that they wear evenly.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Light Fixtures

We all have several light fixtures in our homes that require cleaning. While dusting the base of a lamp and outer parts of a lampshade are easy, the bulb inside and the interior of the lampshade are often forgotten. Light bulbs last longer now, so you may not think about them until they need to be replaced.

Remove all bulbs and dust them. Next, take a lint roller and use it on the inside of the lampshade. Don’t forget your ceiling light covers and bulbs, and any exterior lights. Add these spring cleaning tips to your list this year and your home will look much brighter.

Light Switches and Electrical Outlet Plates

It is easy to forget to clean your light switches and outlet plates, though they are touched often and collect germs. Wipe all light switches and outlet covers, especially the ones in your bathrooms, with a disinfectant cleaner.

Ceiling Fans

Dirt and dust collect on ceiling fan blades throughout the year. It’s best to clean them at least twice a year in autumn and spring when you switch the direction of the blades. Some dusters extend to reach the fans, or you can stand on a step stool and clean them with a wet cloth.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Faucets and Showerheads

Faucets and showerheads may get a quick wipe down when cleaning sinks and tubs, but they too need a deep cleaning. Spring cleaning tips for these fixtures include scrubbing each with a small brush. For a deeper clean of the shower heads, remove them and soak in a cleaner for an hour or so.

Another option for both faucets and showerheads is to add an even mix of water and vinegar to a small plastic bag. Bind the bag over the faucet or showerhead and let it stay there for an hour. Take away the bag, run your water, and do a last quick scrub.

Keep these spring cleaning tips in mind when you take on this project and you’ll clean areas of your home that may have not been cleaned in years.

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