6 Easy Tips to Organize Your Closet

organize your closet

It can be frustrating to try to find your belongings in a disorganized closet. Organize your closet to reduce stress and make life easier. Check out these 6 simple tips to get your closet in order.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items Before You Start to Organize Your Closet

You probably have a number of items in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while. It’s easier to organize when you have less stuff, so get rid of all of the clothes, accessories, and shoes that you haven’t worn for a year. You can either donate or sell items in good shape and throw away those that are damaged and worn.

2. Find Space for Your Shoes

If you’re just storing your shoes on the floor of your closet, there is no way they can be organized. Purchase cubbies or a flat shoe rack to place on the floor of your closet for your shoes. You can even build your own custom shoe rack to ensure your new shoe storage method fits your exact needs.

3. Add Some Light to Your Closet

If your closet is small, it might not have adequate lighting, which makes it more difficult to see and find things. Depending on the layout of your closet, you can add lighting above shelves or in the center of the space if you have a walk-in closet.

4. Fold Sweaters

Sweaters and delicate knits are not meant to be stored on hangers because it can stretch them out. Instead, they should be folded on shelves or placed in drawers to help them keep their shape. You’ll free up valuable hanger space by re-organizing your knits and sweaters.

5. Organize Your Closet Drawers

The drawers inside the closet can get messy as you go through them daily. Drawer inserts help to organize small items like jewelry, socks, undergarments, or belts and also reduce the time you spend searching for smaller items in your closet.

6. Fill Up Unused Space

In order to organize your closet in the most functional way, be sure to use all of the available space, including walls and doors. Make sure that any closet inserts you install are practical and aren’t leaving space unused.

When you organize your closet, you’ll be able to easily find what you need. If you’re getting bothered by the mess in your closet, take these six easy steps to transform it into a tidy space.

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