5 Signs of Electrical Problems in a Home

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electrical problems in a home

Significant electrical problems in a home affect its safety and the ability to sell. Homebuyers may back out of a sale if a home inspection report reveals electrical system issues. By paying close attention to signs of problems with a home’s electrical outlets and wiring, homeowners can get these issues fixed promptly and keep small concerns from developing into serious hazards.

A Checklist of Signs of Electrical Problems in a Home

This article details some common signs of potentially significant electrical problems in a home. If you notice any of these signs, contact an electrician.

One: Breakers Tripping Frequently Mean Electrical Problems in a Home

Most people have experienced turning on an appliance and suddenly noticing it turn off automatically due to a breaker shutting off or “tripping”. If this situation occurs often in a home, residents should contact a qualified electrician. Too many connections may have caused an overload in the electrical circuit. The tripping of the fuse breaker causes a temporary inconvenience and is also a sign of safety issues. It serves as a warning that additional wiring may be needed in the home to meet all the electricity demands of the household.

Two: Electrical Switches Feel Hot to The Touch

Electricity readily generates heat. However, electrical switches should not feel hot to the touch. Electricians caution homeowners to seek professional assistance promptly if electrical problems in a home include hot outlets or switches.

Three: Sparking Occurs at an Electrical Outlet

Electrical outlets should not emit sparks or smoke. Enlist the help of a licensed electrician immediately if you observe this problem. It could mean wires are overheating and melting, which is a very dangerous situation.

Four: Certain Areas of the Home Lose Electricity Completely

An increase in the number of electronic devices in a home sometimes places a heavy burden on home electrical systems. If an electrical circuit stops functioning completely, contact an electrician to check it out. You may need to replace the existing wiring with new, more extensive wiring. Only entrust these tasks to a qualified, licensed electrician.

Five: Light Bulbs Burn Out Much Faster than Anticipated

While a single burned-out light bulb shouldn’t pose a concern, the repeated burning out of light bulbs at a faster than expected rate suggests an electrical problem. Poor connections may be responsible for this issue.

Why Electrical Problems in a Home Require Prompt Attention

Malfunctions in residential electrical systems sometimes cause fires, serious injuries, and even deaths. The Electrical Safety Foundation International website reports that household electrical fires account for some 500 deaths every year. The organization urges every homeowner to install and maintain smoke detectors. By taking quick action to address electrical repair issues, property owners promote home safety.

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