3 Reasons Why You Should Request a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

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Builder's Warranty Inspection

Buying and moving into a newly constructed home is an exciting experience. Since your home is new, you may believe that you don’t need a third-party home inspection. However, a new home does not guarantee a perfect home. Even good builders can leave behind issues that a homeowner may not notice during the first months of ownership. Discovering these problems after your builder’s warranty ends will cost you money. The smart move is to get a builder’s warranty inspection while the warranty is in effect.

1. A Builder’s Warranty Inspection Protects Your Investment

Your new home is likely is the largest purchase you’ve ever made. You should protect your investment with a builder’s warranty inspection. The inspector’s job is to thoroughly check your home for issues that aren’t apparent to untrained eyes. A professional inspector knows when seemingly minor issues can indicate a larger problem. The inspection cost is small compared to how much you’ve invested in your home.

2. You Can’t Rely on the Code Inspection Only

You may be wondering why you need a builder’s warranty inspection since a municipal inspector has approved your builder’s work and issued a certificate of occupancy. First, the primary purpose of the municipal inspection is to verify your home meets a minimum standard. Secondly, these inspections tend to be brief and cursory because municipal inspectors have large caseloads. Municipal inspectors are limited to inspecting for code compliance only.

3. Have Problems Fixed Before the Warranty Expires

Since your builder’s warranty typically expires one year from your settlement date, don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your builder’s warranty inspection. The ideal time to have your inspection is one month before your warranty ends. That gives you enough time to notify the builder of outstanding issues and have them addressed during the warranty period. Once the warranty expires, any underlying problems become your expense.

The Best Property Inspections LLC provides builder’s warranty inspections and other home inspection services to Southeast Arizona. Contact us to request an inspection. Note: A Builder’s Warranty is not the same thing as a Home Warranty. For information on Home Warranties from Consumers Advocate, click here.

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